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UX Update

Handheld Menu

Many players of different VR headsets had difficulty entering the game menu. Now it is enough to touch the bracelet on the left with an empty right hand. Three objects will appear: a gear - Settings, a book - an Encyclopedia and a bag - Inventory. Just grab the right one.

Checkpoint system

Checkpoints will respond faster. They used to light up after the player left them. Returning teleport now shows the name of the checkpoint it will take you to.

Critical damage

Every fourth hit on an enemy spawns a mark in one of four possible places: head, lower back, left or right shoulder. Hitting it will cause instant death or dismemberment of limbs.

Revolver reload

Sometimes if you started reloading a revolver and threw it away, the next time you picked it up, its UI would show it was reloaded, which wasn't true. Not anymore.

Undead Officer Chest

We fixed a bug that allowed opening an Undead Officer chest before killing its owner.

Natural holding and throwing

You asked for it. You can now switch between two weapon holding modes. Our old mode required you to press the grab button to pick up the weapon and press it again to release it. In natural mode, you pick up an item by holding down the grab button. Releasing the button will cause the item to be thrown.

Monster Perception

We have changed how monsters react to player actions. Now they will try to investigate the source of the sound instead of going on the attack.

Diehard mushrooms

Some exploding mushrooms could not be detonated from a distance. They hid in the invisible walls of the environment. We have tried to correct this injustice.

Climbing update

We noticed that trying to go down the ladders or mushrooms sometimes just didn't work. Fixed.

Healing Crystal and Stone of Life

These two entities scattered particles around them very beautifully. But sometimes they did it spontaneously. They ask for forgiveness and won't do it again.

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