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Upcoming Halloween update


Our team is very grateful to you all for your support and interest in Tracery of Fate. We will release a new patch with a lot of changes that will make the game process more comfortable, exciting and somewhere even scary (in a good sense of the word) already on October 24th:

  • New location "Arena" will appear in the Bastion where you can fight in splendid solitude or in the company of a friend, repelling waves of enemies rolling one after another or just come and test new skills and abilities acquired in the vastness of Alfira.

  • Improved optimization, because you always need to strive for perfection.

  • New sound design of locations (Tutorial dungeon, Bastion, Arena). Now the world of Alfira will become a little more real thanks to the sounds that will make your heart stop, your blood run cold, and a crowd of goosebumps will arrange a marathon on your back. Work on the sound design of the remaining locations continues.

  • We are also constantly working on improving the AI of opponents and interaction with them in battle, because the most interesting enemy is a smart enemy. The best one is dead. That is why our undead are the most interesting and best enemies. Some of these AI improvements will be added in this patch.

  • To celebrate Halloween with you, we add the first seasonal event to the game! Few plants can survive in the Bane. However, one such plant managed to get out of the ground and even bear its distorted fruits. Discount expected!

  • And many smaller changes.

 ~ Happy Halloween Day 😉

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