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Tracery of Fate - Early Access - Out Now!

Finally, we are happy to present you our brainchild - Tracery of Fate in early access on Steam Store. Our small but very efficient team will do everything to make the world of Alfira develop: it becomes bigger, more realistic and more interesting. Yes, perfection is difficult to achieve and mistakes can creep in somewhere, but we are open to dialogue and will be grateful for any useful information that can help improve our game. We hope that you will enjoy the results of our work and have a good time, and we, in turn, will guard your excellent mood and correct any shortcomings in a timely manner.

With each new build, we are improving the game and any of your opinions and comments are important for us to make the game world and its interaction with you even better.

Now we are preparing two more locations for you, new bosses and new features of your weapons and many interesting and unusual things. In the near future, we plan to introduce professions that will make the world even more vibrant and multifaceted, living by its own laws.

Cooperative game is now in an active closed beta test and errors are possible.

Any shortcomings please send to our e-mail or join our discord group and become part of our friendly community.


Some tips for the game:

  1. There are no usual things here like go there and bring 10 skins of a killed wolf, you will have to explore this world yourself, look for the books that will reveal to you the events of that time, old notes of the inhabitants, etc.
  2. All interactive riddles or things are highlighted, but how to solve this or that riddle you must guess yourself.
  3. The book of life in the game menu will become your assistant.
  4. The world changes as soon as you clear it of bane. You need to find and activate the Stone of life, which might attract characters back to the area where there was no life before because of bane.
  5. Your player has feelings and one of them is hatred. Hatred is displayed above the health bar. After handing over the relic, it helps to activate additional abilities of the weapon.
  6. In the Lower Town, before you activate the Stone of life you need to find the key.


Have a good game and thank you for your support, we will try to justify it!

Your friends – Sign Narva team

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