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Patch notes #002

Well, hi-hi, helloooo!

New location will be available to you right after the tutorial. It is there you will be able to upgrade your equipment, passive skills and active abilities. Use the map of teleports in every Sentinel Stronghold to get there.

Friendly characters

The merchant and the priestess will be waiting for you in the Bastion. Each with their own goals. It is recommended to listen to them to the end first.

Relics collection

Check your progression as you collect Relics.

English subtitles

For all of you who missed subtitles for npc monologues we hear you. You can enable/disable subtitles in Settings > Audio menu. We are still tuning up the text representation and readability so please provide us with a feedback about this.

VR Headset support

We've bought additional VR headsets and configured our game for better comfort on Valve Index and HP Reverb G2.

Book of Life

In-game encyclopedia was updated with additional information and graphics. Make sure you look there at least once. We also recommend doing this when you find in-game books and notes.

Popup messages

Additional pop-up messages that will help you better understand what is happening on the screen.


We are constantly working to lighten the process and turn off everything unnecessary in a timely manner to improve the performance of our game.

Known bugs

* Disappearing monsters in Lower Town location
* Some objects floating in the air

Please report any bugs to help us make this game better with every patch.

Unfortunately you have to start new game instead of loading old ones.

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