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Patch #001 notes

Dear Sentinels we hear your suffering. That's why we not only fixed some bugs and did some optimization, but also implemented several new features.

New checkpoint system
Ancient devices that serve as checkpoints for Sentinels are scattered throughout the Ancient Vale and the city of Deia. They are activated by passing by the client player and the server player, independently of each other. Then you can choose to teleport from the Sentinel Stronghold to the last checkpoint visited.

Simplified climbing
You can enable this mode to be teleported up as soon as you grab the climbing object or down as you grab the edge of the cliff.

Seated mode
You can play in Seated mode now. Please enable it in the Settings menu. And don't forget to repeat the calibration procedure.

I can see ghosts
You do not need to touch your bracelet to recall the Spirit companion. He will be visible in every location.

Get a hint
All quest objects are now highlighted. However you can disable this option in the Settings menu.

The Doors
Sentinel Stronghold door status replicates correctly from Server to the Client now.

Unfortunately it is strongly recommended to start new game instead of loading.

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