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Hotfix for type change action

Thanks to your timely feedback, we were able to detect a small glitch that did not allow you to change the type of consumables held in the hand.

For a revolver, this action changes the type of bullets from ordinary to incendiary or freezing. Unless, of course, you have already managed to find the appropriate schematics and upgrade the pouches.

The same action switches your carried potions or bombs with mines.

These are the X and A buttons on most virtual reality controllers.

Other known bugs must be fixed later

  • Disappearing loot. As soon as you collect items (soul crystals, gold, relics, keys, etc.), they should appear in your Personal Inventory, i.e. Pockets. Sometimes it doesn't happen. However, as soon as you visit the Sentinel Stronghold, all those "lost" items will correctly appear in Shared Storage inventory.

  • Widgets are not working. Sometimes, when you are teleported to the Sentinel Stronghold, screens like the Save menu stop working. It is enough to leave the doors of the Sentinel Stronghold and return back, this will fix the screens activity.

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