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February Update

Hello, Sentinels

Many fixes and changes have arrived! We will try to be brief thou the list is quite long.

  • With both hands empty your movement speed improved.
  • Revolver reload time decreased.
  • Clip size doubled from 3 to 6 bullets.
  • Save/load bullet bug fixed.
  • Anger replaced with Mana. You spend it on Active abilities. It will replenish over time but you can consume mana potions or regeneration potions to speed this process up. You can increase your mana pool size as well. Mana potion blueprint added.
  • You can also increase your health capacity as passive skill on Altar of Souls.
  • Bring Relics to the Priestess. It will show newly unlocked ability for several seconds on her shrine. Apply ability to your weapon (or shield). The shrine now has
    some hints on ability usage.
  • You can enable/disable activation mode on your weapon. Auto activated ability will work as long as you have enough mana. New visual effects are here.
  • Shield throwing is fixed and will not end up hanging in the thin air.
  • Accidental disconnect of client player will switch game mode to single player and allow server to save your progress. Dropped loot will also be recoverable in the Sentinel stronghold.
  • Player received damage decal intensified to let you know your character feels bad.
  • Enemy shields will indicate their durability with dynamic cracks.
  • Damage caused by player to monsters will appear as floating numbers above their heads.
  • There will be recovery hint above the lethally wounded player character.
  • Player recovering one another sound changed and will not play forever for client (fixed).
  • Battle Arena now has balcony traps that could be used by players to eliminate crossbowmen.
  • First arena mode will be unlocked after visiting Ancient vale location.
  • Subtitles now support parallel monologues.
  • Sentinel medallion in Bastion hall was invisible for client player. Fixed!
  • Panther physics upgraded.
  • Book of Life (Book of Faith) is placed in Bastion hall just to remind you it actually exist in the game.
  • Enemy balance changed and stronger versions appeared.
  • Consumable balance in costs, damage and radius.
  • Spirit appearing and disappearing effects are in their place now.
  • Banner placement additional checks for the Bannerlord.
  • Stone of Life message spam fixed.
  • Now you can use mannequins to check your damage.
  • Golem visuals buffed.
  • Arsenal visuals buffed.
  • Undead officer chests show their owners when you try to open them.
  • Minion skeletons might stun you. Popup message will appear telling you what's happened.
  • Long time forgotten footsteps sound is back.
  • Eastern Dungeon waterwheel chest position fixed.
  • Grotto location entrance reworked.
  • Teleport map pins position fixed. Will no longer teleport you to the same Sentinel stronghold you are already in.

Phew! There are many minor unseen changes.

Just don't forget to deliver schematics to the Merchant and Relics to the Priestess!


More to come!

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